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The Dojo # 11 - Perfect Taijutsu

Posted on June 25, 2011 at 4:16 AM

Every real martial artist strives for perfection. While perfection may or may not be obtainable, it is the goal. A "perfect" martial artist would meet 2 criteria.

1. Never get hit or hurt by thier opponent.

2. Always be able to attack thier opponent.

Conveniently, the two most important principles in ninjutsu, if mastered alone would turn one into the "perfect" martial artist.

1. Ichmonji no Kata

2. Yoko Aruki

The Ichimonji no Kamae ("figure-1 posture/attitude") is the foundational base of effective self defense. This single position-of-safety is both the defensive posture that affords the Ninja the best level of safety against incoming attacks from a determined and skilled opponent, and...


...the best position to launch powerful, full-body attacks to the exposed targets of his assailant's body.


And, the Ninja's Yoko Aruki ("sideways walking") method allows for quick, elusive, adaptive footwork that is very different from the conventional bouncing, boxer-like, method that most modern fighters believe to be "it." 

Because Ichimonji no Kata is already mentioned on this site, let me discuss Yoko Aruki

Usually depicted as being used to move past walls and narrow spaces, Yoko aruki is also the ninja's best friend in combat.  It allows body dynamics to not only keep you from being hit but to easily get behind your opponent or wherever your opponent is vulnerable.

Yoko aruki follows these two rules-


  • The lead foot is always pointed toward the opponent's center. This would be the spot that is directly between his feet.
  • the angle between the feet is 90 degrees, so that the way one foot is pointing is always perpendicular
To use yoko aruki, simply crosstep by having one foot quickly cross over the other, then reset the other foot. To switch your stance from left to right, step out with the rear foot and point it towards your opponent, thenset the other foot behind it at 90 degrees. Always maintain a reasonable distance between your feet so you don't get tripped up.

This takes some practice, but it will turn your taijutsu from sloppy to magical.


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Reply Kohryu
10:13 PM on July 11, 2011 
This is good stuff. this will help me much.



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