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The purpose of this site is to reveal the true secrets of the Ninja, and help you become a real shadow warrior.


 When I searched the web, I found that most of the internet's information about ninja is either fake, vague, or expensive. There are also too many myths about ninja that need to be fixed.

 For example: being a ninja DOES NOT make you change your religious beliefs, join a secret brotherhood, or hire out to the highest paying super-villain.

      I want to show you the real thing, taken from my personal experience and research. Please tell me what you think, or share techniques in the Forums and view the Ninjutsu page to find out some of these secrets, or become a member (for free! Honestly. Just scroll down to the Subscribe form) to learn even more. I've also included some games and movies in the Ninja Fun collection.

This site is spread by nothing but word of mouth... so be sure to tell anyone who might be interested in the secrets of the ninja...


 Please bookmark this page if you like it, or it may disappear into the shadows, never to be found again.


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 The short version: don't do anything stupid.


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